Get Started: Hello World!

Congratulations! This is the first time you are using your Tokymaker¬†ūüôā Now click on this link to learn how to turn it on and start inventing! Hello...

Blocks Index

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Students Workbook

Student log and assessment tool that supports the Code Tutorial Lessons. Tokymaker_Workbook

Teacher tutorial Lesson 3: Logic

LESSON OVERVIEW   Students will complete the logic code tutorias in the Tokymaker Workbook to learn how to use conditional statements like [IF/DO] and  [IF/DO/ELSE] to program rules and choices into their games. Booleans are a data type that students will learn about...

Teacher tutorial Lesson 2: Loops

LESSON OVERVIEW   Loops are a handy way of describing actions that repeat a certain numbers of times. In this lesson, students will practice converting sets of actions into a single loop.   Essential Question: How can we create loops with Tokymaker?   Students will:...