This product is part of a family we are proudly developing called “Toky Labs Inventor Series”

Toky Labs Inventor Series is a modular kit for DIY fans, makers, students and teachers, to create wireless inventions. With this kit you can combine different modules to create a wearable (Tokywatch) an IOT developer platform (Tokymaker) and a robot (Tokybot).

In this post we are Introducing: Tokywatch.

这个产品是发展中家族的一部分,我们自豪地称为“探奇实验室发明家系列”。探奇实验室发明家系列DIY爱好者而言是一套可调节的模块,制作者,学生和教师, 创建无线发明。


Module it!

Tokywatch is a killer combination of 3 different modules for the Toky Labs Inventor Series: Master Shield, Screen Shield and Arduino Shield.




It Comes with a communication to 3 APPs for Android and IOS to open you the door to DIY your projects and inventios while wearing a piece of art in your wrist.

Android和IOS 3款联系的应用程序打开你DIY项目和发明的大门,同时在你的手上也戴着一件艺术品。


Make it yours

You can use it to learn programming. You can wear it as a smartwatch or as a gaming platform. Download 3D models to print your case or show your nude tech side to the world.

你可以用它来学习编程。你可以戴着它作为一个智能手表或游戏平台。下载3 d型打印你的项目或者向世界展示你的裸体科技。


If you can’t see the video, click the link.

The coolest tool for coders

If you want to go further, you can. Tokywatch has an Arduino Shield. This allows you to connect it to your computer to become a keyboardo with it’s MIDI support, or program whatever comes to your creative mind. For example, you can code this legendary Nokia’s Snake game and be unique among your friends.

探奇手表有一个Arduino板。 这允许你将其连接到你的计算机,以便成为具有乐器数字接口支持的键盘,或者编程任何来自您的创意的程序。 例如,你可以编写这个传说中的诺基亚的贪吃蛇游戏,成为你众多朋友中独一无二的那个。