Of the Toky Labs family, Tokychat is the Robot for kids.

Tokychat is an Educational robot, capable of accomplishing from the most basic codeless instructions a variety of complex sensor integrated behavior. We utilize this technology to present fun challenges teaching logical thinking, problem discovery, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

As a result, we have a complete educational platform that will accompany young minds throughout their journey to achieve world class technical skills!

  • Difficulty 30%
  • Science 30%
  • Technology 50%
  • Engineery 70%
  • Art 60%
  • Mechanics 10%

Introduction to Tokychat and Arduino

Hey, just some lines about what we are building, right?

Tokychat is a robot based on Arduino suitable to learn about navigation systems. Tokychat is super cool and easy to assemble. Meanwhile you learn how to build it you will have so much fun. It is soldering-free.

Caution, read carefully:

Children must be supervised by an adult while using it. Batteries cannot be kept in warm places or exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures. It contains small components. Be careful! Do not chew, open or manipulate the batteries. Only use for Toky Labs motors.


What is Arduino?

It is a hardware platform to learn how to code and how to make. You can reprogram the Arduino Nano included driven by your limitless imagination.  It is a tool made by makers for future makers and can be used as a prototype to create new concepts in robotics or electronics.

What is STEAM?

STEAM programs are designed to integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in the classroom. These programs aim to teach students to think critically and have an engineering or design approach towards real-world problems while building on their math and science base.[1] STEAM programs add art to STEM curriculum by drawing on design principles and encouraging creative solutions.


We all love Robots! But, what is a robot indeed?

The question is more complicated that it seems. Chek this link to digg into this phylosophical question:


Step 1: Assemble the robot

Here we bring to you how your robot is hand made. Check the whole process if you want, but especially catch up the lasts steps because those are the ones you might have to replicate!

Click here to download the video.

Step 2: Upload the code

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Follow the Wechat Official Account and write “password” to get it.

Step 3: Download the App

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Follow the Wechat Official Account and write “password” to get it.

If you like the project but you don’t have our box yet, go ahead and check our shop. You may find your wonder gadget there!