Gadolinium is a chemical element with symbol Gd and atomic number 64. It is a silvery-white, malleable and ductile rare-earth metal. Gadolinium metal possesses unusual metallurgic properties, to the extent that as little as 1% gadolinium can significantly improve the workability and resistance to high-temperature oxidation of iron, chromium, and related alloys. Gadolinium as a metal or salt has exceptionally high absorption of neutrons and therefore is used for shielding in neutron radiography and in nuclear reactors.

There is also a rare peculiarity of this metal: Changes its temperature in the presence of a magnetic field. In some research articles, this material is related to the implementation of cooling systems.

In this experiment, we analyse its behaviour with a simple rotating platform and a neodymium magnet attached. On a superior level, a mixture of thermal-conductive paste and gadolinium (30%-70%) and a temperature sensor is placed.

Finally, all the information is driven to a microprocessor to analyse and store it in the computer.