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Our mission is to give everyone the powers to build and program awesome inventions.

We want inventors of all ages to discover what is possible when given the powers of engineering, electronics, coding and making in a way that is fun, easy to understand and powerful.

“We absolutely love TokyLabs hard work and dedication to our events!”


Toky Labs at EL PAÍS

TokyLabs' interview in Cityweekend on "How STEAM is re-emphasizing creativity within the sciences."

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Portada de ELPAIS en la sección de tecnología.

China, República Popular de la ‘start-up’

El Gobierno incentiva la creación de jóvenes empresas en el sector tecnológico para convertir la innovación en motor económico. Por primera vez, tienen su espacio en el Mobile World Congress de Shanghái.
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Product Feature

The Mobile World Congress held YoMo successfully in Shanghai !

On 1st July, YoMo, the first ever Youth Mobile (YoMo) Festival held by GSMA ended successfully among over 6,000 joyful kids and their parents at SNIEC, Shanghai.
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Toky Labs at Indiegogo

This awesome Indiegogo campaign is the result of our collaboration with Elwing at the skateboard project.

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