World's First Real IOT in Education

Our idea of IOT is not about predefined devices. It’s about giving to every single person in the world this power, this moment where they think everything is possible.

Tokymaker is the worlds best iot based fast prototyping tool that will make you all the agents of change. And will drive us all to the new era of IOT.


It is the world’s most innovative tool to jump into STE(A)M disciplines. Smoothly combine everything that is required in the curriculum to make integral projects.

Online Courses

Finish your project in a blink of an eye and share it with the entire community so they can enjoy the prototype you invented!

Visual Coding

Create your own code using the simple graphical programming interface with just one finger and send it to the TOKYMAKER without installing any software or connecting cables.

Beginner Level

An intuitive hardware and software ecosystem to easily learn electronics, programming and creative problem solving. Anyone can be an inventor now.

Plug and Play

Understand the principles of electronics, connecting our large variety of sensors and actuators in the most intuitive way. TOKYMAKER is also compatible with the arduino analogic sensors.

Web Enabled

Tokymaker is programmed from a website, which means that it is a cross-platform device. Start your code on the computer, send it through a wechat message to your phone, and do some changes after that on your tablet.



You will need one tokymaker and two rotation sensors or sliders Download the code here: 

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IoT Robot

Video This project is still a prototype. We are still implying a lot of tests to make this project as simple as possible for you. But to give an idea anyway and for those who are advanced and can not wait anymore, here is the prototype. You can follow the steps below....

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Sound plotter

Video  This simulator can represent the pulsation of the heart. The inputs are : sound sensor The outputs are : screen   Material Learn to code your own prototypes using the simple visual coding interface and just one finger and program it without...

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Game Pad

Video We've all had a Gameboy before. What if we make our own Game Pad our self invented games? We make a Game Pad from cardboard. We design the Game Pad around the Tokymaker and we can insert some sensors. Because we want to make it easy for you, we have a previewed...

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Iron man

Video Let us make a nice Iron Man Arc Reactor that anyone can create and program.   Material Learn to code your own prototypes using the simple visual coding interface and just one finger and program it without installing software or connecting cables. Led...

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Hello World

Tokymaker - microcomputer Tokymaker is a microcomputer compatible with the analogic sensors. A microcomputer is a small computer with a microprocessor as its central processing unit (CPU). It includes a microprocessor, memory, and minimal input/output...

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We envision technology, more than as a final objective, as a tool to achieve a creative goal. This is the foundation of TOKY.

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