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Gyro-sensor robot

We have a Tokybot. We are going to find a fun way to play it. So what do we find this time? This time we use the gyro-sensor in the cellphone to control the Tokybot. We can command it to go forward, take a left/right turn or go backwards, as long as we swing our...

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Hamster Temperature Sensing

Hamsters are always sensible to the temperature, but it is not very easy to know the temperature in the hamster house. So what can we do to know whether the temperature inside is good for them? This time we use the Tokymaker to show whether the temperature is good for...

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Hamster Elevator

We have a hamster house, but the hamster is too lazy to get to the upper floors. What can we do to help him get up there ? Why not make an elevator for our small hamster ? By using the Tokybot, a piece of wood and some strings, we can make it easily ! This time, we...

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Using Snap4Arduino with Tokymaker

Go to Snap4Arduino or type in your web browser Click on "Download" in the navigation menu and click on the version for your specific system. After you have downloaded the file, extract the file and run the application installation....

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Flappy Bird for Tokywatch

We can do a lot of things with the Tokywatch, for example a Flappy bird game! I took a Flappy Bird code from internet and adapted it to the Tokywatch. Now you can play this game on your watch whenever you want, for example while waiting for the bus or during lunch...

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Automated Feeder

As humans, sometimes we are too busy and may not have time to feed our loved ones such as pets, children, etc. The automated feeder allows us to feed the ones we care about without having to be there. The automated feeder can be made possible by connecting a servo...

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Hamster Door

Hamsters are like us, they tend to get lazy very easily. If we don’t help them, they will spend their day eating and staying in their small quiet place. That’s why we need to prevent them from eating too much and make them go out a bit of their comfort zone. How do we...

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Dehydration alarm for pets

We are based in Shanghai and during the summer temperatures reach up to 40ºC! Our pets are a bit dehydrated because the water from the bottles and bowls evaporate faster than usual, due to the high temperatures. We built a dehydration alert for our pets. Every time...

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Hamster wheel

A hamster is really cute, but it can get boring just looking at it all the time. Sometimes it runs on his wheel, but most of the times it doesn’t move. What can we do to make it more interesting for us and for the hamster ? We can of course domotise the hamster cage !...

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